Temporary Phone Number

Apologies – Telkom Lines Are Faulty and have been from Tuesday 2 October 2018

Update 12pm Thursday 4 October 2018 – the VOIP number in red is working again so use it first

Please use 021 286 2249 until further notice if you cannot get through on the regular numbers. This number will hopefully be up early on Thursday 4

Both our regular numbers 021 448 0507 and 021 448 0508 are being forwarded to the VOIP number so you can use them as well

Alternative landline number 021 448 0915 if the above is not working

These cell numbers can still be used or messaged.

Failing that please call Jan – 079 875 8092 and in a last resort Trev – 072 438 6800. Or you may WhatsApp to those cell numbers.

Our humblest apologies for any inconvenience caused.

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