Country Pumpkin Soup  55
With roasted pumpkin seeds, cranberries & parsley oil

Baked Camembert  72
With honey glazed figs, crushed almonds & fresh thyme.
Served with crusty bread

Snail Popcorn66
Beer battered escargot served with roasted garlic butter

Crispy Sardines56
Deep fried butterflied sardines served with baby greens,
fresh salsa verde & a roasted lemon

Wild Mushroom Tart60
Crispy puff pastry with cream cheese & pecorino.
Topped with roasted wild mushrooms, red onion, garlic & thyme

Creamy Duck Livers  66
Panfried duck livers in a creamy sherry & thyme sauce.
Served with  char-grilled ciabatta

Roasted Bone Marrow  75
Bone marrow brushed & roasted with caper butter.
Served with beef fillet tartare & char-grilled ciabatta

Charcuterie Platter  107
A selection of free range, quality cured meat with marinated
mushrooms, grilled artichoke, lemon feta, olives, tomato
chutney & char-grilled ciabatta

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