Main Courses

All main course dishes are served with a small
complimentary serving of roast potatoes and vegetables. Any extra veg ordered will be charged for.

Norwegian Salmon & Sweet Potato Fish Cakes  155
Served with a lemon & chilli aioli, pickled cucumber & baby greens

Creamy Butter Chicken Curry 135
Sprinkled with almonds, served with basmati rice & a poppadom

Chicken & Wild Mushroom Pie  125
Comfort food at its best, baked to perfection in our homemade pastry

Crispy Roast Duck  185
Served with an orange & Van der Hum sauce

Pork Belly  170
Sous vide pork belly served with miso carrot puree, roasted
baby rainbow carrots, prawn fritter & a pork & marsala jus

Greek Lamb in Phyllo Pastry  175
Cubes of lamb, red onion, aubergine, feta, baby spinach, lemon zest & garlic baked in phyllo pastry. Served with minted greek yoghurt

Lamb Shank  190
Lamb so tender it falls off the bone, slow cooked in a red wine jus
with carrot, celery, onion & fresh herbs, served on a bed of mash

Grilled Rib Eye Steak  188
With a red wine & thyme butter and a roasted red onion tart tian

Springbok Hot Pot  165
Springbok goulash slowly stewed with carrots & mushrooms in a red wine
& thyme jus. Topped with creamy pecorino & rosemary polenta

Goat Curry195
A mild aromatic curry with Malay spices coming through. Served with basmati rice, garlic Naan and a smoked tomato, orange & corriander salsa

Ratatouille Bake  100
Oven baked courgette, aubergine, red pepper & onion served with a rich tomato concasse. Topped with pine-nuts & fresh basil

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