White Chocolate Cheesecake 60
Oven baked served with vanilla ice cream.

Crème Brûlée 45
Smooth creamy vanilla custard with a brittle caramelised sugar topping.

Chocolate Fondant 56
Rich chocolate cake with a warm oozing Belgium chocolate centre. Served with orange sorbet.

Peppermint Crisp Terrarium 50
Layers of creamy peppermint mousse, caramel & crumbed coconut biscuits. With salted caramel ice cream, meringue buttons and chocolate shards.

Rum Rice Pudding 49
Creamy vanilla & sultana scented Arborio rice pudding drizzled with dark rum muscovado syrup

Banana Cake 60
Chocolate, pecan & banana syrup cake served with brown bread ice cream & a rich pecan nut toffee sauce

Ice Cream & Chocolate sauce 45
Vanilla ice cream served with our delicious home made chocolate sauce.

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