Phone Lines and Internet Down

Update 17 October

The two lines are working normally and the one line still broken forwards to one of the working landlines

So no more cell phones and leaving messages – we apologise to anyone who left a message that was never responded to

Our main number is 021 448 0507/8

Please do not use the cell phone numbers that were listed – they have been taken out of service

Gotta love Telkom!

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Curious about Craft Brews

The Wild Fig Restaurant has partnered with Boston Breweries, CBC Brewery and Jack Black, bringing flavorsome and thirst quenching Craft brews to the Fig.

CBC Brewery

“Born from a thirst for real beer.”

Amber Weiss

Fruity and aromatic — banana ester and a slight hint of clove is noticed in the finishing. Since our Amber Weiss is only slightly hopped, no more than a light bitterness is noticeable in the finish.


Carefully selected hops imparts a strong, hoppy aroma with a nice bitter finish

Boston Brewery

“The best part of my job is that I get to taste test each batch myself”

33 Degrees South IPA (India Pale Ale)

There’s a hint of spice on the nose but toffee-like aromas dominate. A definite sweetness gives way to a pleasant and lingering creme brulee-like bitterness. This is malt and hops in perfect unison.

The Naked Mexican

A clear, golden Lager with a mild malty aroma. This crisp, dry beer is great for dousing the summer heat or the heat from spicy foods.

Jack Black Brewing Company

“Our focus is flavour and our philosophy is to inovate while staying true to traditional, hand-crafted methods.”

Jack Black Lager

All malt. Full Bodied. Smooth & Well Balanced.

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