Valentines Day 2017

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Champagne Cocktail  &  Amuse Bouche

topped with a cajun grilled prawn

Deep Fried Camembert
with red onion marmalade & Melba toast

Springbok Carpaccio
with baby leaves, balsamic reduction and a Pecorino & herb crisp

Fennel & Orange
thinly sliced fennel bulb & radish with orange segments, olives & walnuts.
Dill and a zesty parsley lemon dressing.

heartOven Baked Linefish
Oven roasted Vine tomatoes, fennel and calamata olives

Crispy Roast Duck
served with an orange & van de hum sauce

Fillet of Beef
topped with a smoked oyster & blue cheese butter and crispy onion rings

Game of the day
grilled fillet of game served with gorgonzola sauce & roasted fresh figs

Lamb in Phyllo
cubes of tender lamb baked in phyllo pastry & served with a minted Greek yoghurt

Creamy Lemon Chardonnay Risotto
topped with char-grilled artichokes, porcini mushrooms & crushed, roasted walnuts

heartRed Velvet Cheese Cake
with a vanilla cream cheese quinelle

Chocolate Fondant
with dark chocolate shards & vanilla ice cream

Wild Fig Mess
layers of crushed meringue, wild berry coulis, Chantilly
cream & a delicious homemade lemon curd

R285 – 2 course  /  R305 – 3 course

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Curious about Craft Brews

The Wild Fig Restaurant has partnered with Boston Breweries, CBC Brewery and Jack Black, bringing flavorsome and thirst quenching Craft brews to the Fig.

CBC Brewery

“Born from a thirst for real beer.”

Amber Weiss

Fruity and aromatic — banana ester and a slight hint of clove is noticed in the finishing. Since our Amber Weiss is only slightly hopped, no more than a light bitterness is noticeable in the finish.


Carefully selected hops imparts a strong, hoppy aroma with a nice bitter finish

Boston Brewery

“The best part of my job is that I get to taste test each batch myself”

33 Degrees South IPA (India Pale Ale)

There’s a hint of spice on the nose but toffee-like aromas dominate. A definite sweetness gives way to a pleasant and lingering creme brulee-like bitterness. This is malt and hops in perfect unison.

The Naked Mexican

A clear, golden Lager with a mild malty aroma. This crisp, dry beer is great for dousing the summer heat or the heat from spicy foods.

Jack Black Brewing Company

“Our focus is flavour and our philosophy is to inovate while staying true to traditional, hand-crafted methods.”

Jack Black Lager

All malt. Full Bodied. Smooth & Well Balanced.

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